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About Riders Club

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Account/Personal profile

Do I need an account to register for a Riders Club event?

Yes. In order to take part in any of the Riders Club events you need a valid account. Even if on-site registrations are available and you decide to register the day of the event, an account is required.

How do I create an account?

Access the free account form directly from the homepage. Fill in all the blanks and validate your account by clicking the link you will get via e-mail (check the Spam folder as well). If you did not get the e-mail, contact us at

How can I modify the information from the personal account?

To perform any changes of your personal information you need to log in and then click your name (top of the page, to the right) and select the Profile management option in the menu. After you have completed the changes, press save.

I already have an account but I forgot my user/password. What should I do?

You need to access the log in section of the web site and then click on the *Forgot your password* option. Communicate us your e-mail address and then click on RESET PASSWORD. Follow the instruction to reset you password.

Do I need to create a new account at the end of the season?

No. Once an account has been created it will be valid the next season as well.

What are the performance levels?

Performance levels are benchmarks for segmenting riders based on their physical abilities and experience levels. These levels are meant to make the races more exciting, fair and more interesting.

How do I select my performance level?

If you are a beginner and you go out for a ride only seldom, you should choose level 4.
If you train on a weekly basis and have finished a few hobby / sportive events, without finishing on top positions, you should fit to level 3.
If you are a regular participant in hobby / sportive events and can tackle long and difficult courses, level 2 is the right choice for you.
If you train almost daily and have reached a high competitive level, level 1 should be your riding choice. If you are also registered with your national cycling federation at the pro / elite level or have been issued an UCI code, you should choose level 1 (Elite). This is also the level rewarded with the most consistent prize pool.

How do I change my performance level?

In the off-change that you have miscalculated your performance level and feel that you should be changing it, contact us at, and submit an official demand, together with the motivation for it. We will look at your request and give a reply shortly.

What are the benefits of the Riders Club membership?

In your quality as a Riders Club member you will benefit from numerous advantages, among which: access to cycling events dedicated to amateurs and professionals alike, organised in several great locations of the country, being a part of community of people united in their passion for running, exercising and nature, a highly complex web platform which includes a personal profile, statistics and rankings, many others that you will discover on your own.

About the events

How to know what events will take place in the future?

To view the events that are about to take place in Riders Club, go to the Events section in the main menu and scroll down to see the official calendar.

How are the events timed?

The events are either timed according to the GUNTIME or the CHIPTIME of each individual athlete. The timing method is announced for each event.

How do I get the events` photos?

The photos and the videos of the Riders Club events will be uploaded in galleries on the Riders Club Facebook page: click here.

What benefits do I get during an event?

The experience of a Riders Club event offers plenty advantages:
- Exercising in the middle of a natural environment
- Discovering virgin courses and unexplored areas
- Getting the experience within an organized environment, with all the proper facilities, including medical attention if things go wrong
- Getting to know people who share your passions
- Having the opportunity of a great adventure with friends and family
- and a happier life!

Registering for an event

How do I register for an event?

Registrations to events are easy to do. You need to make a reservation and validate it by paying the participation fee. The amount you will be required to pay depends on the day of the payment. The exception lies with those that hold a season subscription. In this case, the amount required for payment is one unit of the pack, no matter the day of the pricing graph. For reservations and registrations you need to access the Events module, select the event you are interested in from the list and press Register.

Who do I compete with?

It is the right of the organiser to combine different level and age categories on one course. The exact specifications of your direct competition are available when registering.

Can I participate in an event without registering?

No. Participating in one of the events entails the prior creation of an account, registering for the event and paying the participation fee. Once all these formalities have been completed, you will get the racing pack and will be able to take part in the event.

I made a reservation for a Riders Club event. Can I change it?

Once a reservation has been made, it cannot be revoked. Please contact us at and specify the changes that you require to be made to your reservation.

How can I pay the participation fee?

You can choose among several options: PayU, bank transfer or cash. Please note that cash paymants are NOT available at the moment and bank transfer payments are available only on demand.

Can children participate?

Yes. Children over the age of 5 can participate in Riders Club events, according to the specific character of every race. Check each of the events` official page to confirm.

What is the event`s participation pack?

The participation pack is one of the benefits offered by the organizers. It usually includes: the racing number, the timing chip, written information and other products and materials offered by the events` partners or sponsors. It can also include an official T-shirt, catering and other helpful elements. The components of the participation pack will be announced on the official page of each event.

Results and rankings

What is the performance ranking?

The ranking that lists the ridders registered in the system based on their skills and performances, taking into account the activity of the last 52 weeks. Especially designed for more competitive participants, the performance ranking takes on the objective of precisely indicating the riding proficiency of those that take part in the Riders Club events.

What is the activity ranking?

The activity ranking records the activity of the Riders Club members from the very beginning of the system to the current week. These rankings are more valuable to those that take part in mountain biking events to enjoy themselves and spend their spare time in a fun and healthy way.

What are the procedures of the performance rankings?

The points of the performance ranking represent the average of the best 4 Performances (performances that resulted from participation in RUNFEST events) in the last 52 weeks. If you do not yet have 4 races, the remainder of events will be attributed 600 points.

How do I get badges for the activity ranking for one event?

All of those finishing a Riders Club race will be granted a participation badge. The badge can be Bronze, Silver or Gold, depending on the racing time and the course.

Why are some of my results missing from my performance ranking?

Because the ranking is calculated by averaging only the 4 best Performance points registered in the last 52 weeks.

How are my points and position calclulated for the Activity ranking?

The Activity ranking is based on the system of badges, by cumulating all such badges and allocating points to them, as follows: Bronze = 1 point, Silver = 2 points, Gold = 3 points.

How are performance points allocated for a specific event?

The Performance points are calculated through the use of a specific formula that takes into account your opponents - riders registered on the same course and on the same level as you. Every race is treated separately and thus, different performance points will be allocated to different races, all depending on the strength of your opponents, indicated by their global Performance ranking.
In regards to the mathematical approach, 3 main elements are important: the race quality (the average of global Performance points of the best 5 riders out of the first 10 registered at a specific level, multiplied by 90%), points per place (difference of points between two consecutive rankings) and performance points (calculated for each rank place, based on the race quality and points per place).